The New Kid on the Ice

Video posted December 6, 2017 in Sports by Colin Sullivan


The Penn State women’s club hockey team has made a change to its coaching staff. Former head coach Patrick Fung recently left the program to take a job with the New York Islanders in recruiting a Beijing national team to compete in the 2022 Olympics. As a result of his departure, Fung decided to ask his long-time friend and former Penn State teammate Jeremy Bean to help with the program. Thinking he would merely be helping out from an assistant standpoint, Bean was surprised when he was awarded the head coaching position.

“So the old coach Pat emailed me saying he was looking for someone to help out with the women’s team and asked are you interested? I had no idea it was going to be the head coaching position, so I told him yeah sure let’s talk, let’s have a beer. And I’m glad because I’m really enjoying my time here,” said Bean.

Before he took over the reins as head coach for the women’s club team, Bean was a former student and player at Penn State. He left Happy Valley to play for an amateur team in the NHL and then returned after an injury kept him from competing. Shortly after, he went back to school to get his degree, helped as an offensive assistant with the men’s team, and settled down to raise a family.

The moto Bean is hoping to bring to his new hockey club this season is family. He wants his players to have an opportunity to have the full college experience both on and off the ice.