The ‘Ol College Try

Video posted May 1, 2014 in Sports by Dan Griswold


Blake Beemer is not an ordinary baseball coach.

Brought in by new Penn State head coach Rob Cooper, Beemer is in the unusual position of working for free.

As a volunteer assistant coach, Beemer receives no salary, only the experience of coaching at the college level.

A 2013 graduate of Ball State University, Beemer connected with Cooper when Cooper was the head coach at Wright State University. Beemer was a high school freshman at the time, attending a hitting camp run by Cooper, and easily grasped the concepts Cooper was teaching, leading Beemer to attend each subsequent camp.

The two eventually developed a relationship, and when Cooper was hired as Penn State's new head coach, he offered Beemer a volunteer assistant spot on the staff. Beemer's response: "I'll be there tomorrow."

Some of Beemer's duties include working with the team's outfielders, coaching first base, administrative work, and other tasks that the three other coaches don't need or want to do.