There’s No Going Back Now

Video posted December 10, 2015 in Sports, News by Kathryn Carlson


Twirling her way into the hearts of the Penn State community is Rachel Reiss. She is currently a sophomore and the Blue Sapphire. She performs as the feature twirler with the Penn State Blue Band every Saturday at the home games in Beaver Stadium.

She says she has been twirling since she was four years old. Her initial goal was to take a tap class, but all of the tap classes were full, so she signed up for baton and has been twirling ever since.

Baton has taken her many places including to Italy this past April. According to Reiss, the trip was an amazing experience. Her team took the gold and she says she made many friendships and bonds that will last forever.

Reiss claims all of her experiences led her to Penn State. She also says she has always felt a connection to Penn State and had to attend after trying out and receiving the Blue Sapphire position.

As scary as performing in front of 107,000 people may seem, Reiss says it isn’t as scary once she is on the field. Her main focus is to catch the first trick she performs during pregame and the rest will be easier.

She says she waited for this moment for so long and now that it is finally here she likes to take it all in and make the best of it. According to Reiss, she hopes to continue entertaining the fans by performing well and taking her position as far as she can.