Until You Make it to the End

Video posted December 8, 2016 in Sports by Javon Beverly


 As a child, Jake Jenkins was engulfed in an active lifestyle. Jenkins has 14 years of competitive year-round swimming and five years of competitive distance track under his belt.

During the time where Jenkins trained for his swim meets, his coach made him and his fellow teammates participate in as many cardio and strength training as possible. Normal workouts became easy, and his coach turned up the intensity. It was through his swim coach that Jenkins discovered Crossfit.

His coach slowly began incorporating Crossfit workouts within his students’ swim workouts. Over the years Jenkins continued with parts of Crossfit, but could never fully commit to it due to the price.

Jenkins joined the Penn State Crossfit team the spring semester of his junior year. Throug his time with the team he has continued to grow as an athelete. He grew stronger, he grew more knowledgeable, and he grew another group of people he considers friends.

Jenkins has a specific idea of where he would like Crossfit to take him. Prior to his Penn State Crossfit journey, he has dealt with a major injury to his shoulder. However, he is not allowing that to stop him anytime soon. He plans to one day compete in the National Crossfit Games and place as one of the best. Jenkins is slowly building himself back up to where he was before and says that he won’t stop until he makes it to the games.