Washington Football Team Name Options Ranked

Opinion posted September 2, 2021 in CommRadio, Sports by Matthew McLaughin

For the last year and a half, the football world has anxiously awaited for the Washington Football Team to announce its new, permanent team name. That process took a step forward last month when Washington revealed eight names, three of which were already picked as the finalists.

So, how can these names NOT be ranked? Where does the current moniker rank? Will there be a complete shift in Washington’s image come 2022?

No. 8 Armada

The theme of naval ships and military names is kind of cool. It adds an intimidation factor that’s just unique and matches the history of Washington D.C. However, Armada is at the bottom of these rankings because there’s just no ring to it, and it comes across as corny.

No. 7 Defenders

This may be worse than Armada, but Defenders is more simple than anything. Even Washington Militia sounds better than Defenders.

No. 6 Presidents

The only thing saving this name from the bottom of this power ranking is that it makes sense for the city and it’s unique. It would be awesome to hear Scott Hanson’s incredible voice say, “and now we take you to Washington as the Presidents host the Patriots.”

No. 5 Commanders

Unlike Defenders or Armada, Commanders saves itself because it’s not as generic. At least with Commanders, a fan can buy into the idea that Washington is good enough to be a commander and not just some front line sacrificial lamb.

No. 4 Football Team

I just can’t imagine that the organization would want to go with that name permanently.

It did its job as a temporary placeholder, but forever?! It’s just too blah and feels more like watching someone play Madden instead of an NFL game.

No. 3 Brigade

It may be obvious, but it seems the Football Team’s new name options are leaning heavily towards a military-based name. However, unlike the others from this list, Brigade sounds much better, plus having Chase Young on your squad is already like having a battleship in your artillery.

No. 2 Redwolves

Just picture this scene: Primetime kickoff, Dallas comes into D.C. eyeing a playoff spot but Washington’s right on its heels in second place for the division crown. It’s a crisp night, not much wind but chilly enough for football season. All of a sudden, the lights go out. A full moon appears on the scoreboard. Over 80,000 rabid fans start howling in unison as kickoff approaches.

A scene like that would be electric. Sure, Washington isn’t much to think about, but when your team comes into D.C. to play the Redwolves, who are backed by their Wolfpack fan section (I want royalties if this comes to be true), it’s a completely different story.

No. 1 RedHogs

This is it. This is the holy grail. The magnus opus for an organization looking to generate excitement for a new era. The key difference between RedHogs and Redwolves is the history of the Hogs.

During Washington’s Super Bowl runs in the 1980s, the Hogs was the nickname for the offensive line which would be perfect for a new chapter.

Embracing a key memory of the most successful era in franchise history will pull in the older generation of fans there no doubt, but it’s not corny enough to come across as forcing it. Furthermore, it does not resemble any offensive Native American imagery, which certainly helps its case.

This is the perfect blend of new and old that will sound much better than any name on this list.

Matthew McLaughlin is a first-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email mem6936@psu.edu.