Week 12 Heisman Watch

Story posted November 22, 2015 in CommRadio, Sports by Abhar Shah

One more week left in the college season and the Heisman race is surprisingly tight between the one and two spot. Could this be a case of a late bloomer stealing the trophy form a yearlong frontrunner?

Leonard Fournette (RB for LSU)

Stats: 1,582 yards on 6.6 yards per carry and 17 touchdowns.

Last week standing: 1

Fournette looked a little bit like himself this week as LSU suffered another loss to Ole Miss. Even though he only ran the ball 25 times for 108 yards, he had a good game catching the ball as he caught the rock four times for 72 yards. The only reason Fournette is above Derrick Henry in the Heisman race is because Henry didn’t put up great numbers yesterday either. So Fournette is safe for this week but with one more week left, anything can happen.

LSU will take on Texas A&M and Fournette better have a good game or he could watch the trophy slip away.

Derrick Henry (RB for Alabama)

Stats: 1,526 yards on 6.1 yards per carry and 21 touchdowns.

Last week standing: 2

Henry didn’t put up great numbers because he didn’t see the field as much as Alabama destroyed Charleston Southern. Nick Saban choose the safe route and put Henry on the bench but it could have cost him the Heisman. Even though Henry has had an amazing last four weeks, he ran the ball nine times for 68 yards and two touchdowns. Henry has one more week to produce great numbers or he could watch Fournette win the trophy.

Alabama and Henry will take on Auburn to close out their season and Henry will look to outperform Fournette to complete a phenomenal comeback story.

Deshaun Watson (QB for Clemson)

Stats: 241-344 2,944 yards and 26 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Last week standing: 4

After the injury the Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield, Watson saw his draft stock rise as he put on an impressive performance against Wake Forest. Clemson kept their undefeated season going and Watson is the biggest part of the season. He completed 24 out of 35 passes for 343 yards and three touchdowns en route to third place in the Heisman watch. The good thing about Watson is that he has the ability to run as well. Over course of the season, he’s rushed the ball for over 600 yards, so he could be considered a dual threat.

Watson and Clemson will look to finish their undefeated season as they take on South Carolina.

Corey Coleman (WR for Baylor)

Stats: 66 receptions for 1,306 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Last week standing: Honorable mention

Coleman had a quiet game against Oklahoma State as Baylor pulled away with an upset win. Ever since Seth Russell went down with injury, Coleman’s stats have dropped. He caught the ball six times for 77 yards against Oklahoma State. Even though Coleman won’t win the Heisman this year, he does deserve a lot of credit about his performance when Baylor had their starting quarterback in.

Coleman and Baylor will take on 18th ranked TCU this week as they hope to keep their championship chances alive.

Honorable Mentions:

Baker Mayfield (QB for Oklahoma)

Ezekiel Elliot (RB for OSU)

Dalvin Cook (RB for FSU)

Christian McCaffrey (RB for Stanford)

Abhar Shah is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him email abs5349@psu.edu.