Who Will be the Next Packers Head Coach?

Story posted December 4, 2018 in CommRadio, Sports by Ben Borus

After an embarrassing loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers relieved head coach Mike McCarthy of his duties and will conduct their first head coaching search since 2006.

Green Bay’s vanilla offense has been the determinant factor that lead to McCarthy’s firing. There was a lot of criticism on McCarthy’s lack of schematic creativity, play-calling prowess and ability to win with one of this generation’s most talented quarterbacks.

Now that the Packers have time to gather a list of candidates for after the season, here are three candidates to watch out for come January:

JOSH MCDANIELS (Patriots Offensive Coordinator)

Yahoo! Sports already revealed that various position coaches around the league are interested in joining a staff with McDaniels at the helm. 

After leaving the Colts at the altar last year, there would be more precaution to make this move. However, McDaniels has yet again proven that he is one of the best play-callers in the league.

Look what he was able to do with Cordelle Patterson; with the Vikings and Raiders, he was a mere return man. But with the Patriots? He is a running back. He is a play-maker.

Look what he has done with an aging quarterback; he was able to change the offense to a quick-passing attack that gives Brady quick throws as opposed to more long-developing plays that leaves him vulnerable in the pocket.

Good play-callers have a scheme that fits the strength of their personnel. Average play-callers have a scheme that is creative in theory, but does not necessarily put their players in a place that fits their strengths.

JOHN DEFILIPPO (Vikings Offensive Coordinator)

Many Eagles fans attributed the Super Bowl win to Doug Pederson, and deservedly so considering the adversity the team faced that season. What many fans don’t realize is Pederson’s offense was more of a collaborative effort, even though Pederson was calling the plays.

However, people around the league did, as both offensive coordinator Frank Reich and quarterback coach John DeFilippo got promotions. DeFilippo was instrumental in grooming Carson Wentz into an MVP-caliber quarterback and has put together a dynamic offense in Minnesota.

DeFilippo has made the most out of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen. He is schematically intelligent, and most of all, he is well respected around the league. It is very unlikely that Minnesota would allow a division rival to interview DeFilippo, but if he gets an interview, he would be a great fit in Green Bay.

MATT LAFLEUR (Titans Offensive Coordinator)

Yes, the Tennessee Titans don’t have the most entertaining offense, but Matt Lefleur is doing a lot more than people realize with a lot less than most coordinators have. Lefluer is not privileged to have a dynamic receiver like Antonio Brown, a game-changer like Alvin Kamara or a top quarterback like Andrew Luck, Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees.

Instead, his best playmaker hit injured reserve, his quarterback is battling injuries and he has no true number one receiver.

But, what makes him a candidate in my eyes is his resumé. He was the offensive coordinator with the Rams last year when McVay stepped in. That offense was one of the best in the NFL. He was the quarterback coach in 2016 when the Falcons made the Super Bowl. That offense was also one of the best in the NFL.



Ben Borus is a freshman studying Advertising. To contact him email bqb5475@psu.edu.