“Abbott Elementary” - Episode 8 Review

Story posted November 28, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Izzy Charboneau

This week’s episode of “Abbott Elementary” included something many kids across America have to deal with in school: the egg drop project.

The eighth grade class at the school is participating in the egg drop project, and Janine (Quinta Brunson) insists that her second grade class do the same. Understandably, this doesn’t exactly go as Janine wishes.

Gregory (Tyler James Williams) tells Janine it probably isn’t a good idea to participate, but she’s already set her mind to it. Melissa’s (Lisa Ann Walter) students have heard about the egg drop too, and so she is being forced to participate.

When it’s finally time for the eggs to be dropped, Mr. Morton (Jerry Minor), the eighth grade teacher, drops the eggs for his class, and all the eggs survive. Melissa’s students’ eggs survive as well.

Unfortunately for Janine, all of the eggs that her students tried to protect are destroyed, and her students are distraught.

Later in the teachers’ lounge, Janine asks Melissa how she did it, and is frustrated by her answer. Gregory insists that in order for her students to do well, Janine herself has to understand the science behind the egg drop, and he offers to teach it to her.

Meanwhile, Jacob (Chris Perfetti) is voicing some complaints that Mr. Morton, the eighth grade teacher, hates him and is rude to him. Gregory tells Jacob that this is all in his head.

After the school day, Janine and Gregory get to work, and Janine is very easily frustrated. The two share a sweet moment, a huge day for fans of this particular relationship, and Janine persists in figuring out the egg drop.

Later in the week, Janine is having her kids prepare for another attempt at the egg drop when she is visited by Mr. Morton. He tells her that another egg drop isn’t happening, and then he insults her Velcro shoes.

Increasingly frustrated by this visit, Janine rants to Gregory again, and he gives her some good advice. She comes up with a new egg-related project for the kids to do that involves something they already like: balloons.

During all of the egg drop drama, Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph)  is having issues with a parent. The mother of her student, played by guest star Raven Goodwin, has a large, obscene tattoo on her chest, which makes Barbara uncomfortable.

When Barbara asks her to cover this tattoo up, she zips up her sweatshirt to reveal another obscenity.

Barbara then offers a pamphlet to the mother about a support group for single moms, which she is not. She then tells her about a clothing swap, which is also not appreciated by the mother.

Barbara is then seen looking at the mother’s clothing line online, which is full of clothes she deems inappropriate. Ava (Janelle James) tells Barabara that she doesn’t see an issue with the clothes, especially since the woman’s daughter is doing so well in Barbara’s class.

Something about what Ava said seemed to click in Barbara’s head, and she apologizes the next time she sees the mother, who agrees to cover up with more appropriate clothes when picking up her daughter.

At the very end, Jacob is complaining to Gregory about Mr. Morton again, which Gregory says is ridiculous. But it is then that Mr. Morton reveals in an interview with the camera that Jacob was right the whole time.

Raven Goodwin, who people may recognize for her role as Ivy in “Good Luck Charlie,” was an excellent guest star this week, and many fans are hoping to see her again in the future.

This episode of “Abbott Elementary” isn’t one of the best of the season, but that’s expected with a show this good. It is a little disappointing, especially since the show skipped a week last week, but hopes are high for next week.

Rating: 3/5

Izzy Charboneau is a second-year majoring in digital and print journalism. To contact her, email ijc5186@psu.edu.