Celebrities that should be in the next “Knives Out” Movie

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After the release of “Glass Onion”, a third “Knives Out” film has been confirmed. Both films have massive casts of talented celebrities. Our CommRadio Arts & Entertainment department wrote about some celebrities they want to appear in the next film.

Harrison Ford

Each Knives Out movie has had a mix of two characters that make up Harrison
Ford’s cynical personality but none can match the energy that Ford brings to his

Ford is mainly known for his roles in Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but his best
acting comes from The Fugitive, where he plays a man accused of killing his wife
and turns up on the run from the law. Ford’s range is shown in this movie, going
from a distressed husband to a cunning fugitive and then a virtuous doctor.

Ford could join the Knives Out franchise as an unsuspecting older man caught up
in the murder scene but could end up being the killer all along. With his “I-don’t-
care” attitude and the range of characters he’s played in the past, Ford is a great choice
for a villain. - Adrianna Gallucci

Emily Blunt

It’s hard to think of a more versatile, charming and talented actress than Emily Blunt. Throughout her impressive career, Blunt has proved she can be great in every genre.

She’s done comedy with “Devil Wears Prada” and “Jungle Cruise”, serious drama’s like “Girl on the Train” and “Young Victoria”, action projects with “Sicario” and “Edge of Tomorrow”, musicals with “Into the Woods” and “Mary Poppins Returns” and horror in “A Quiet Place” and it’s the sequel.

Due to Blunt’s overwhelming success in an abundance of genres, it’s an obvious pick for the actress to be featured in Rian Johnson’s next “Knives Out Mystery.”

Blunt gives a brilliant scene-stealing performance in every role while making it seem effortless. Between her undeniable talent and genuine charm and wit, Blunt is an actress who could play any part in a murder mystery.

Whether Johnson wants to use Blunt as his villain, a red herring, a sidekick for Daniel Craig, or even just comedic relief, she will steal every scene and elevate whatever star-studded ensemble she’s a part of. - Sophia D’Ovidio

Daniel Radcliffe

There are a few things that people always seem to forget about Daniel Radcliffe, namely that he exists but also that he is extremely talented.

Radcliffe, famous for playing the titular role in the “Harry Potter” movie franchise, has also worked in movies, television and on broadway from a young age.

He has proven with his variety of roles that he has an impressive range, and a new addition to the “Knives Out” series of movies could be the perfect place for him to prove this even further.

These films are also in a style that suits Radcliffe’s acting journey post-Potter. “Knives Out” has a sort of indie movie feel that usually isn’t present in movies of similar fame but is ever-present in Radcliffe’s filmography.

These movies are really something special, and their twisty nature that plays on a classic murder mystery is the perfect place for Radcliffe to continue to showcase his acting chops. – Izzy Charboneau

Gabriel LaBelle

The talented 20-year-old actor, Gabriel LaBelle, has recently gained popularity in Hollywood for his role in “The Fabelmans.”

While LaBelle was not nominated for any individual awards at the 2023 Golden Globes, his effort in the film contributed to its success as the Best Motion Picture Drama.

His stellar performance as a young Steven Spielberg, also known as Sammy Fabelman in the film, is captivating. His tears feel nothing short of authentic, and his subtle nuances in facial expression are mystifying.

LaBelle would be an outstanding casting choice for the next “Knives Out” film. He can act with humor, innocence and charisma.

However, these traits could be a trick of deception. LaBelle is an expert at fake smiles vs. genuine smiles, much like his co-star Michelle Williams.

These acting skills could be a dangerously perfect combination to play a villainous character up to the challenge of fooling Detective Benoit Blanc. - McKenna Wall

Timothée Chalamet

An obvious choice for a member of the next potential movie cast of “Knives Out” is Timothée Chalamet. These films are known for their stacked casts, so Chalamet would simply be a necessary addition.

Starring in films like “Call Me By Your Name” (2017), “Hot Summer Nights” (2017), and “Dune” (2021), Chalamet had a range of roles he is cast in, more commonly, serious roles. Therefore, he would fit right into the nature and tone of the plot.

In this future “Knives Out,” Chalamet would one-hundred percent play the role of the murderer, or the one who assisted in the act. His ability to portray emotions in a sometimes unreadable way would hide his true role in the film, confusing the audience and leading them down a different path of mystery.

As viewers of the first two films know, the tone of “Knives Out” is not always completely serious. There are a few scenes or lines that are light-hearted to break up the tension, something Chalamet is talented at doing in his films.

For instance, Chalamet’s role in “Call Me By Your Name” allowed him to combine serious and deeply emotional scenes with bits of laughable moments.

Timothée Chalamet would be the perfect actor to represent a young member of the cast, as these films instead contain more well-known, middle-aged actors. This would also bring more of a younger audience to the film.

Rian Johnson would be remiss to not include Timmy in the next movie. People need this to become a reality! - Cassie Baylis

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is one of the most well-known actresses of this generation. She has acted in countless large-scale films and mastered a vast array of different genres and roles.

Hathaway would easily be able to pull off being in a “Knives Out” mystery.

Roles like Daphne Kluger in “Oceans 8” and Selina Kyle in “The Dark Knight Rises” shows her depth as an actress as opposed to her more well-known characters like Mia Thermopolis in “The Princess Diaries”.

Having experience doing darker and more light-hearted films, she would easily be able to portray a character that is hard to read and make watching the mystery unfold more exciting and unexpected.

Along with her exceptional talent, she is also so popular that she would attract a lot of attention to the film.

Anne Hathaway is an actress that should most definitely be in the next “Knives Out” film. - Savannah Swartz

Michelle Yeoh

Following the extreme success of Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michelle Yeoh is the perfect addition to the next Knives Out mystery from Rian Johnson.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once”, has everyone raving about how good her performance was because of her ability to perform at so many different levels with her character going from a working mom, to a rock, to a woman with hot dogs as fingers.

Yeoh has already won many awards including a Golden Globe (and will certainly be nominated for more) this year for her performance in “Everything Everywhere All at Once” and has been giving performances just as good since the beginning of her career.

The Malaysian actress has a range of acting abilities from super emotional performances to comedic roles like in Crazy Rich Asians to a knowledge of fighting due to her performances in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Yeoh’s different abilities would be so useful and versatile for any character Johnson can create.

She is also set to star in James Cameron’s next Avatar movies as well as the Wicked movies, so casting her for the next Knives Out would be capitalizing on her current and future fame.

While she is already set to star in Kenneth Branaugh’s A Haunting in Venice, a Hercule Poirot murder mystery, she would also make a great addition to Rian Johnson’s next “Knives Out” film. - Sophia Clements

Adam Driver

While actor Adam Driver is most famous for his portrayal of Kylo Ren in the “Star Wars” sequel series, many people don’t know that some of his best performances are in comedic roles.

From ensemble family comedy “This is Where I Leave You” to his viral SNL skit “Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base,” Driver’s deadpan comedy would be perfect for a “Knives Out” film.

He also worked with “Knives Out” director, Rian Johnson, back in 2017 on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

“The Last Jedi” is my personal favorite film in the franchise, something that I’ve been relentlessly made fun of for on multiple occasions, but I just love the push-and-pull energy between Daisy Ridley’s Rey and Driver’s Kylo Ren.

I’d love to see Driver as a semi-unhinged uncle character if Johnson revisits a family plotline, or maybe even a serious character who cracks a sarcastic one-liner every once and a while.

Mr. Driver has one of the most impressive ranges in Hollywood right now, so he would absolutely kill (no pun intended) a “Knives Out” role. - Kaitlyn Murphy


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