Clams Casino – “Moon Trip Radio” Album Review

Story posted November 14, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Connor Trask

Established producer Clams Casino has continued his venture into a successful solo career, releasing an electronic album titled “Moon Trip Radio.” For those who are unfamiliar, Clams Casino is a producer who has seen notable success working in the rap industry, credited on the projects of big-name talents such as A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q and The Weeknd.

Clams Casino has released solo projects under his producer name in the past and has seemed to find his direction, with this latest project and his other most recent release, “Instrumentals” in 2018, both being electronic works. His only other solo release prior to these was “32 Levels” in 2016, which heavily featured established rappers and other acts providing features over Clams Casino’s own instrumentals.

“Moon Trip Radio” is an 11-track playlist featuring mesmerizing beats and hazy instrumentals, reminiscent to Clams Casino’s classic work on A$AP Rocky’s 2011 project, “Live. Love. A$AP.” Focusing on an electronic sound without any featured verses, Clams Casino displays his range as a producer. The album features instrumentals with slow buildups, sometimes complex tempos, clever harmonies, soft 808s and an array of sound effects and skillful vocal distortions.

There is no denying that Clams Casino is a talented producer. He has proven that with his track record and production discography. However, there are two underlying problems with producer albums like this: finding the target audience and replay value. This is where “Moon Trip Radio” struggles because the project as a whole lacks an identity.

There are no standout songs from “Moon Trip Radio.” The album is better listened to as a continuous playlist. Clams Casino realizes this and connects each song together with transitions and similar moods. However, “Moon Trip Radio” still lacks its own identity and a defining trait that separates itself from other mixes and “chill” playlists.

There is no defining quality or common theme throughout the album. As Clams Casino continues to grow his solo career, he will need to develop a larger personality to his music that distinguishes his work and gives listeners a reason to come back and stream his work over and over again.

“Moon Trip Radio” is not going to blow anyone away with smash hits or flashy hooks, but it is meticulously edited and has great production value. “Moon Trip Radio” is a perfect listen for anyone trying to finish an essay, study for an exam, or just chill out in general.

Rating: 6/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Song: “Twilit”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: N/A


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