College Football First Team All-Drip: Week 7

Story posted October 17, 2022 in CommRadio, Sports by Matthew McLaughlin

If there’s one thing college football programs get right, it’s uniforms.

The uniform can make a matchup between two ranked teams look incredible or something as ugly as mustard and relish on the field. (looking at you, University of Oregon)

This week, some incredible heat was unleashed on social media, so these are the three best uniforms entering Week 7.

North Carolina Tar Heels

Chrome helmets are like J.R. Smith uniforms. Sometimes they are FANTASTIC, or they make you reach for a trash can and wish you could use that flashlight from “Men In Black” to wipe them away from your brain (*cough* Los Angeles Kings *cough*).

Thankfully, the Tar Heels knocked this helmet out of the park. The North Carolina blue is an iconic color and the addition of the all-white uniform set showcases that blue lid to another level.

The only critique would be the use of the foot logo instead of the classic interlocking logo, but alternate uniforms should bring something new to the uniform, so it makes sense to change the logo. And the numbers are so beautiful Michelangelo would shed a single tear. Again, utilizing the powder blue to make key components pop never goes wrong.

Furthermore, outlining those numbers with a navy blue offers a nice contrast to the lighter shade and makes those numbers sharper.

Marshall Thundering Herd

A rocky start for the Thundering Herd has them sitting at 3-3 entering this week, but these uniforms would make a serious College Football Playoff run if games were decided solely by swagger.

The green is very reminiscent of the legendary “Kelly Green” Philadelphia Eagles uniforms, but the Eagles never put that color on a black background, which puts this uniform in another stratosphere.

Although they could’ve gone all-black, picking the white pants fits this uniform. If the Thundering Herd went all-black, this would look like a Purdue blackout game rip-off.

Also, numbers need to be on helmets more frequently! It never goes out of style and the green pops off the black helmet.

SMU Mustangs

Since going back to the royal blue tops, the Mustangs have quietly become one of the best uniforms in the nation in the last few years. This week features royal blue tops with white pants and socks, which is as classic as you can get in a good way.

Sometimes, red white, and blue is all you need. Too many times, schools overthink uniform designs and turn uniforms into abstract paintings (*eye emoji towards Ole Miss*).

White numbers with red outlines? Yes, PLEASE! These go great with the white helmet featuring the iconic rumbling pony.

The only gripe about this uniform would be that they didn’t add the block “D” logo, which should be their permanent helmet.

Other than that, the Mustangs did a fantastic job, unlike their defense last week against UCF.


Matthew McLaughlin is a third-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email