Column: Time for Frazier to be a Floor General

Story posted November 19, 2013 in CommRadio, Sports by Nasser Monayair

It’s no secret that heading into the season Nittany Nation has been very excited for the return of Tim Frazier. After a couple of games it seems like the senior can be the reason for the success this Penn State team could achieves this year. However, Frazier can also be blamed for the struggles and hardships the squad goes through, and if that’s the case, it could be a long season for the Nittany Lions. 

The senior guard is averaging 22 points per game, to go along with six assists and five rebounds this season.  Looking at those numbers, some would say he does a little bit of everything to help his team win. The guard also averages four turnovers per game, which has proven to be a downside for both him and the team.

There has been times when the star guard has cost his team wins.  There has been instances where the decision making from Frazier has resulted in not getting his other teammates engaged, which in turn has led to lack of production on the offensive end. Whether its holding on to ball too long or even taking an ill-advised shot, it has looked bad at times. Everyone on the team knows that Frazier is the go-to man and he’s the best player on the team, but the senior needs to learn that he needs to spread the ball out and be more of a floor general during games.

The duo of Frazier and DJ Newbill was constructed last year so there would be a second option on offense that the team can lead on. Although it seems like during games that the chemistry between Frazier and Newbill is good, you can’t help but think that Frazier is just trying to do too much.

Head coach Pat Chambers needs to get involved both at practice and during the games. This Penn State team isn’t projected to be an elite or even a great team this season. Despite that, the Nittany Lions have the opportunity to make some noise and play at a competitive level with pieces like Brandon Taylor, Ross Travis and even new players like Allen Roberts, Geno Thorpe and Graham Woodward. If the star guard can be that floor general who controls the game and find the open man, he has the ability to break down defenses. This can open things up for this team that plays mostly on the perimeter.

During this season four of the five Nittany Lion starters are averaging double digits in points; with junior guard DJ Newbill, averaging 18 points per game and forwards Brandon Taylor and Ross Travis each averaging more than 10 points per game. Frazier taking more of a distributor role would only help benefit the team more. 

This all depends on if Frazier is willing to take that next step and get other players involved. Maybe he’s already realized that himself in Saturday’s 83-71 win over University of Penn, after losing at home to Bucknell just a few days earlier.

This is not to say that Tim Frazier has been bad for the Nittany Lions. However to make a point that if this team is going to take the next level this season, Tim Frazier needs to spread the ball. He should not have the mindset that he has to go out there and score 30 points a game in order to be victorious. Penn State has provided Frazier with help on this team, now it’s up to him to take advantage.

Nasser Monayair is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email