CommRadio Member Spotlights: Jordan Cioppa

Story posted August 3, 2018 in CommRadio by Matt Freiler

Throughout the summer, CommRadio will be highlighting its growing presence around the country by telling the stories of current members and their summer internship experiences.

Jordan Cioppa, News Director

Cioppa is a senior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania majoring in broadcast journalism. Upon joining CommRadio, she became a news producer and co-hosted her entertainment talk show: State It. Cioppa became CommRadio’s news director in 2017. Her experience includes covering the 2016 presidential election in Washington D.C. She aspires to start her career in news and eventually work her way up to entertainment news.

Internship: News Intern at KDKA-TV Pittsburgh

Q & A with Cioppa:

Q: What are your day to day duties as an intern?

“The main thing I do here is help cover news stories -- so I will go out with a photographer and pretty much act as the reporter. I interview people and sometimes I write the story for the newscast. If I do write the story, I also write a web version for their website. Most of the time it is just a reporter and I, however, sometimes I shadow reporters and go with them on their stories. I also help out with Pittsburgh Today Live, which is our station's morning talk show that comes on every morning at 9. With PTL, I help the guests in and escort them out. I also sit in on the control room during the show and help write the next show's script afterwards.”

Q: What has been your favorite part of the internship so far?

“Overall, my favorite part of the internship is the different places and people I get to visit and meet. No day is the same when working in news and that is something I have really enjoyed. I also love helping out with PTL. We always have really cool segments and the producer lets me be very hands on.”

Q: Any good stories you can tell about your experience?

“A really memorable day for me here was when actress and comedian, Mo'Nique, was in the studio as a guest on PTL. I got to speak with her before and after the show. She was such an awesome person to talk to. She gave me good advice and was so encouraging. It was a really cool day.”

Q: What’s life like in Pittsburgh?

“I am from Pittsburgh, so I was fortunate enough to stay home for the summer. I spent the spring semester in Orlando, as part of the Disney College Program, so it is nice to be back home. Also, since I am about to be a senior in the fall, I wanted to spend my last summer before the real world at home.”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish the rest of the summer?

“I hope to write more stories and shoot more stand-ups.”



Member spotlights are coordinated and written by social media director Matt Freiler. Freiler is a rising senior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email