Crashing Season 3: “Viewing Party” Recap & Review

posted February 27, 2019 in Arts & Entertainment, CommRadio by Zach Hall

Another week, another new episode of “Crashing.” Six episodes in and this season has proved to be the best for "Crashing" so far. The stories are more personal and the stakes are more complicated. Pete Holmes and Judd Apatow have managed to weave in deeply emotional and introspective story arcs into a show that is just as hilarious as it has ever been.

With only three episodes left in the season, it is almost time to reflect on the season as a whole. For now, check out this recap of the season’s best episode yet, “Viewing Party.” As always, if you are not all caught up with “Crashing,” proceed with caution as there will be full spoilers ahead. 

As mentioned above, season three of “Crashing” is shaping up to be the shows best, due in part to the deeper themes explored versus previous seasons. Touching on the #MeToo movement in the comedy industry is one modern-day theme incorporated into the show and it fits so well in Pete’s story. “Crashing” has touched on aspects of Pete’s personal life with a serious tone, but it more or less felt partially separate from the larger arc of the show, that being Pete’s comedy career.

Emotional beats from previous seasons collide together with Pete’s comedy career brilliantly, and in this episode's case, disastrously. “Viewing Party” centers around a party being held at the Comedy Cellar to watch Pete’s ex-girlfriend Ali’s late-night standup debut on Seth Meyers. What makes this episode so great is how it interconnects Pete’s personal life with his comedy life. Pete is put in a difficult situation with his current girlfriend, ex-girlfriend and ex-wife all at the same place. Nearly every story arc and emotional beat in “Crashing” story so far are on display in only one episode.

Fresh off the heels of last week's episode, Kat is still not too happy about the friendship that Pete and his ex-girlfriend Ali currently have. Kat is suspicious, but not aggressively. For the first half of the episode, Kat and Pete are on mostly good terms. This is until she sees how Pete acts around Ali. Pete does not see this as a problem.

In Pete’s mind, all he is doing is supporting a friend. Throughout the night, as Pete is attempting to make Ali feel less nervous about her debut on late night television, Kat keeps a close eye on Pete when around Ali. This is brought up at the end of the episode when Kat proclaims “I see everything.”

Along with the tension between Kat and Ali, there is much animosity between Kat and Jess, Pete’s ex-wife. Kat is well informed about what happened between Pete and Jess, but despite Pete and Jess being on good terms, Kat is not welcoming when meeting Jess for the first time. Ali and Jess, who became friends after the end of season two, say that they are “scared” of her and that she is going to “eviscerate” Pete. Judging by the end of this episode, they were not far off.

The emotional crescendo of the episode comes during Ali’s set. As everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves, Kat tries to tell Pete that she likes the dress Ali is wearing for her set. Pete shushes Kat and tells her they will talk after the set is over. This is a huge mistake. Kat, already very drunk at this point, storms out the club. Pete chases after her and the two have an explosive fight on the street outside. Kat is aggressive at this point, telling Pete her suspicions about him cheating on her and that he is a “bad boyfriend, and an even worse comic,” ending it with an insult about Pete not being good enough to join the Comedy Cellar roster.

In a sense, Pete did get “eviscerated” in this scene, admitting to Ali later that he is scared of Kat and that he may be in over his head. After exchanging a few words with a sleepy but still very much aggressive Kat back at the apartment, the episode ends with a saddened Pete being brought to a smile by a text from none other than Ali. At this point in the season, it is unclear which way Pete will fall and what the consequences of that decision will mean for the story going forward.

“Viewing Party” is a great showcase of what “Crashing” does so well, telling an emotional and deeply introspective story that still manages to be hilarious. With only two episodes left in the season, it will be interesting to see what happens with Pete’s relationship with Kat and possible feelings for Ali. Also, it will be interesting to see where the story goes with Pete’s comedy career. He still has the Christian shows, but it is clear that Pete wants more. Maybe by the end of the season, Pete will get another shot at the Comedy Cellar, giving him a much-needed win.

Check back each to keep up to date with everything “Crashing,” and make sure to check out the finale recap & review and delve into how season three stacks up as a whole.



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