Dayglow - “People In Motion” Album Review

Story posted October 11, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Cassie Baylis

Dayglow released his third album on Oct. 7, “People In Motion,” seemingly perfectly named, as the music it is composed of will make listeners want to dance upon hearing each and every track.

Other albums in Dayglow’s discography are titled “Fuzzybrain” (2019) and “Harmony House” (2021).

“People In Motion,” shines true to Dayglow’s sound while introducing 10 fresh and upbeat songs. This album is a wonderful blend of his two previous albums.

While “Fuzzybrain” contained more indie songs, “Harmony House” moved to a synth, pop sound which has carried over into this new album.

“People In Motion” shines as bright as the rest of Dayglow’s music in his repertoire, predicted to satisfy fans.

Previously released before the album, “Then It All Goes Away,” “Deep End” and “Second Nature,” prepared listeners for the rest.

“Second Nature,” the first track, sounds like a song straight from the 80’s. The instrumentals were made as though they would background a roller skating rink.

Lyrics from this song, “Dancing/Feeling like myself and now I’m dancing/Feeling so unstoppable…” emphasize the feeling that comes from Dayglow’s music.

The starting track sets the mood for the rest of the album and contains the best accompaniment out of the rest.

“Talking to Light” carries a similar dancy beat as “Second Nature,” following through with each song incorporated in “People In Motion.”

Dayglow searches for times of reflection on relationships with people, or perhaps one person, in lyrics of the album. Both these lyrics and the beats of each track work well together to provide consistency.

“Radio,” one of the tracks on “People In Motion,” has some of the more well-written lyrics on the album. The lyrics going from the chorus to the bridge, describe a moment of reflection in the car, having to turn down the radio to talk through everything out loud to himself.

The next lyrics in the bridge, “About who we are/I mean, we’re all just people/People in motion,” could be said to describe the album’s overall theme.

The song is provocative, holding an experience many listeners can relate to. The feeling of one’s mind spinning out of control and needing to take a minute to think things through without distraction.

Straying from the consistency found in songs like “Radio,” another track called “Turn Around,” sounds somewhat out of place from the rest. This is a smaller issue in the bigger picture, though, as the other songs flow nicely.

Again, the album moves around a theme reflecting on people in relation to others, especially in his personal experience with relationships. The theme creates a relatable and thought-provoking batch of songs.

All in all, the newly released album consists of an abundance of new tunes. Dayglow exceeded expectations with “People In Motion,” producing perfect tracks for listeners to pocket into their playlists.

Rating: 9/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Stops Making Sense,” “Then It All Goes Away”
Reviewer’s Least Favorite Songs: “Turn Around”

Cassie Baylis is a third-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email