GoldLink - “Diaspora” Album Review

Story posted August 30, 2019 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Rachel Miloscia

This album was originally released on June 12, 2019.

Summer of 2019 was in its prime when it came to new music releases. One artist in particular by the name of GoldLink created the ultimate summer album “Diaspora.” “Diaspora” is GoldLink’s second studio album and is completely different from his 2017 debut album “At What Cost.” “Diaspora” is defined as “the dispersion of any people from their original homeland.” GoldLink defines his diaspora as musical themes of Africa. We hear that theme in his songs like “Zulu Screams,” “Yard” and “Spanish Song.” From beginning to end, the fourteen tracks have back-and-forth beats that are either loud or soothing.

The DMV rapper makes great transitions with each song by rapping and singing. As each song on the album starts off with a beat, it is not until GoldLink’s flow starts a few seconds after that it really gives that vibrant and crazy energy. GoldLink shines with his fast yet smooth rapping skills, but he’s also able to create a different tone through singing. Songs like “U Say” and “Spanish Song” allow the listener to build a more personal connection and understanding of what his story entails. While these two songs describe his love for women, GoldLink’s voice engages the listener, and it’s easy to tell that his emotions come straight from the heart.

As for the beats on “Diaspora,” GoldLink infuses the genres of hip-hop and African beats, creating a different sound that is both upbeat and tough. We hear how he incorporates African beats in his song “Zulu Screams.” The song title itself previews the African style, as the Zulu are an ethnic group from South Africa. The song is about GoldLink coming home and talking to a girl who he messed with, and it automatically makes the listener want to get up and dance. “Zulu Screams” consists of a continuous thumping beat with a sped-up guitar that gives it that fun and fast-paced rhythm. “Yard” is another great song, as it features WSTRN, a bristish artist known for his reggae flow.

“Diaspora” is definitely a great summer album. GoldLink steps up his game by creating a different vibe that is loud and fast. Unfortunately, not all the songs on this album are good enough to call it perfect. Some of his songs could have used different beats as well as more careful discretion in which artists to feature. “Tiff Freestyle” is an example of this. The song starts with a loud, obnoxious girl that introduces herself and GoldLink. His rap flow is exceptional, but his choice of beats could have been different.

GoldLink will be traveling with Tyler, the Creator on his upcoming tour “IGOR.” The duo will most definitely blow up each venue they visit with crazy, energetic vibes.

Rating: 6/10

Reveiwer’s Favorite Song: “U Say”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “Tiff Freestyle”


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