HUB Movie Review: The Conjuring

Story posted October 31, 2013 in CommRadio, Sports by Sofia Westin

This supernatural horror movie, starring Patrick Wilson, who was also in the freaky Insidious in 2010, is just what’s needed for the Halloween weekend. So Wilson is back, though this time around it’s not his family that is being haunted, but rather that of one in need of help to fight the spirits off. Enter the Warrens! (Wilson and Vera Farmiga.)

So this family, the Perrons, move into their, “dream house” in Rhode Island, and they are so happy and excited. Cue pre-recorded, over-used happy-child laughing. But wait, stuff goes down pretty quickly in their little cheerful farmhouse after their dog dies mysteriously after it wouldn’t enter the house (for good reason). See, dogs are so clever. And...

It’s always the house. Period.

As if horror movies aren’t scary enough when they’re fake, this might make you do a double- take when you realize that this is based on a true story. The family that moves into that house in New England, the Perron’s, exists. The house exists. They are alive and shared their story. Shudder.

Luckily they didn’t actually film the movie in the house. Who knows what could’ve happened.

But with horror movies I still remain very skeptical and ask why these people experiencing these events don’t use their strongest human instinct (or their brain for that matter): survival. Why not leave the house?! Naaw, let’s stick around and see what happens, shall we? I don’t think any one of them could win the Hunger Games.

If you’re looking for a good horror movie, I suggest going to this one since it’s the third highest grossing R-rated horror movie. Even gave it a good score—68 out of 100. WOW. (It’s such cause it’s Metacritic.) Audiences favored it as well, even over Paranormal Activity, with 7.8 out of 10.

On the Penn State Scary Scale of Halloween...
1—you don’t have a costume for Halloween (you don’t want to be that person),
2— somebody has the same costume as you (awks),
3— there is no candy...anywhere (just that cheap bubblegum nobody likes),
4—you have an exam on Friday (you stayed up ‘til three a.m.),
and 5—people jump out to scare you at three in the morning (HOLY NITTANY SHRINE!),

I give this...I don’t know. I don’t do scary movies (as in, I don’t watch them, meaning I haven’t seen this one.) If I did, and you’re like me, and I were to watch it, then bring some candy, blankets, stuffed animals, and keep your phone on in case you need to speed-dial your mom.

So judge for yourselves...unless it’s too scary for you.

Sofia Westin is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email