Music Monday: Artist Recommendation – The Gospel Youth

Story posted October 17, 2016 in CommRadio by Allison Wulfhorst

Pop rocker’s The Gospel Youth are a young band that formed in 2014, but in their short time together they already have three EPs and many singles under their belts. The band is made up of vocalist Samuel Little, bassist Julian Bowen, guitarist Kevin Deverick, guitarist Tom Aylott and drummer Kurtis Maiden. Hailing from England, they recently joined Trash Boat and These Minds on a UK tour. They have also toured with bands like Hands Like Houses, Mallory Knox, We Are the Ocean and much more.

Even though they are relatively new to the music scene, they have already established quite a name for themselves by getting out and touring with popular bands. This recognition is well deserved too. Their first two EPs, Kids and Empires establishes their sound instrumentally, which is crucial for an artist to make their first impression to the listeners. And their sound is good; the guitar work shines in songs like “If She’s the Rope” and “H.L.B.” blending with the bass and creating a beautiful tone.

They have been releasing a single per month this year and although the band has not released any statements about an upcoming album, fans can hope that the singles will make their way into a record. Since the band has only three EPs, (two, plus an acoustic one), they do not have as many songs as fans like myself would hope. However, since they are up and coming, it is more difficult for them to put out music than an established band. But with the group planning to release more music in 2016, fans can tell they are not going to disappoint and are dedicated to releasing new material.

Little shows off his vocal talents as well in these EPs. He can adjust his voice to fit smooth slow songs like “If She’s the Rope” but can show off his rock side in higher energy songs like “Kids.” His talent stretches even further because in “The Hospital Blues You Gave Me,” the pain can be heard in his voice. This is one of the most rewarding things to hear in a song because listeners can hear the emotion and know that this song means so much to the vocalist.

Bands, however, cannot only have good instrumentals and a good vocalist to stand out from the others in their genre. Lyrics are another important element to have songs with more meaning than a rocking beat and impressive voice. The Gospel Youth songs have complex lyrics that most likely have deeper meanings within the ones on the surface. One set of lyrics that are practically beautiful is, “Someday I’ll come save you/Waiting for the nights to pass/The bay until the morn/And I’ll be the first/To admit the blues are so beautiful,” from their song “Stay Positive.”

Recommended Songs: “Kids,” “Lighting Fires,” “Wildfire” and “Hurricane.”

Allison Wulfhorst is a freshman majoring in Journalism. To contact her, email her at