NHL Top 10: Jan. 25

Story posted January 25, 2023 in CommRadio, Sports by Allie Wenskoski

Another week in the NHL, another top ten rankings. There’s definitely a few teams that don’t seem to be able to budge from the top, but also a few wildcards in there as well. Let’s get into the rankings.

10. Buffalo Sabres
Once a team living up to their ferocious name, the Buffalo Sabres have certainly fallen from the top rankings. However, they have been on the comeback in the past week. They are on a four game winning streak and although it has been against mainly average teams, they did beat the Stars 3-2 in overtime demonstrating their strength and determination.

9. Seattle Kraken
The Kraken have fallen after going back and forth with wins and losses this week. To be fair, they have been playing difficult teams, but if they cannot prove their worth against the best, they simply don’t deserve to be ranked among them. However, they are still a solid team that is on a very impressive turnaround from the shaky start they had in the beginning of the season.

8. Vegas Golden Knights
The Golden Knights are having a tough few weeks with games against the Devils and Stars. They did prove their strength by sending the game against the Devils to overtime and losing in heartbreaking fashion. However, Vegas fell to teams that are supposedly way beneath them as in being crushed 4-1 against the Coyotes.

7. Dallas Stars
The Stars shined brightly in recent appearances over teams that barely sent a single comet in defense. Their most difficult game was against the Buffalo Sabres. Although the Sabres won the game 3-2 in overtime, the Stars stuck with them the whole way. However, much of their success goes to a few star performers.

6. Tampa Bay Lightning
The Lightning are one of those decent teams that are just good enough to make every one of their games a toss-up no matter who they play. They’ve done a solid job with a lot of their talent and leadership leaving through free-agency and their trade of Ryan McDonagh. Although they start this next week with a scary matchup against the Bruins, they should strike down the rest of the competition.

5. Winnipeg Jets
Maybe a wildcard in the rankings, the Jets reach top five because they are this week’s team to watch. Is their recent success just because they haven’t played top tier teams? It’s possible, so keep watching, but also they are just one point behind the Stars, so Dallas better watch their back.

4. Carolina Hurricanes
The Hurricanes have been powering through their competition and leaving a path of destruction behind. Head coach Rod Brind’Amour is leading them on the right path to a playoff appearance. They have a back and forth schedule coming up with solid and shaky teams, but Carolina is expected to be able to pull through on top.

3. New Jersey Devils
It’s a fact: New Jersey is a very young team. But they have been using this to their advantage with filling their roster with young stars and it has simply been paying off. They rebounded from a slump earlier in the month and seemed to finally be a team to watch after so many years at the bottom of the league.

2. Toronto Maple Leafs
Canada has some to play this season and is full of big names that make their games impressive to watch. They’ve been struggling with injuries this season, but now most of their stars have returned. Although it is still early, Toronto is a contender for the playoffs, yet the first playoff round has been a hurdle for them in recent years.

1. Boston Bruins
It’s becoming a bit of a question if the Bruins will ever fall from the top slot. At this point, the Bruins are simply an unfair team. They lead the Atlantic Division by fourteen points and only have lost five regulation games. Boston simply isn’t going anywhere.

Allie Wenskoski is a first-year student majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, please email her at amw7637@psu.edu.