Office of Information Security Hosts Cybersecurity Workshop

Story posted October 24, 2018 in News, CommRadio by Jake Starr

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- October is cybersecurity awareness month, and Penn State is making an effort to keep its students protected on the web.

On Wednesday afternoon, Penn State’s Office of Information Security hosted "Phishing: Don’t Take the Bait," in the Hub. The event educated students on the dangers of phishing and offered tips on how to prevent it.

Prizes were offered for students who participated. Don Welch is the chief information security officer for Penn State’s Office of Information Security, and he talked about the importance of this program.

“This is part of our anti-phishing awareness program as part of cyber security awareness month," Welch said. "This gives students some information about how to protect themselves from being phished.”

Phishing occurs when someone tries to lure internet users into providing personal information, which can be done in a variety of ways. Molly McClincy is a marketing communications specialist in Penn State’s Office of Information technology, and she further explains what phishing is.

“Phishing Is when an attacker tries to get you to do something. So, download a file, click on a link, give up your credit card information, give up your password," McClincy said. "And any of those actions can cause you to have your identity stolen or lose thousands of dollars.”

This is all part of a month-long effort by Penn State to keep students aware of the dangers of phishing. The Office of Information Security provides tips and tools to keep students safe online.


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