Rank It: “30” - Adele

Story posted January 24, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Rachel Newnam

12. “Woman Like Me”

This song has very cool musical composition but because of its slow tempo it is somewhat boring to listen to in comparison to the rest of the album.

11. “Strangers By Nature”

Similar to “Woman Like Me,” the song does not compare to the rest of the album, but it is certainly a powerful opening song.

10. “To Be Loved”

Almost seven minutes long, this song is hard to listen to all the way through, but the lyrics are complex and Adele’s vocal range is incredibly impressive.

9. “Easy On Me”

As the most popular song on the album by far, “Easy On Me” is an extremely powerful tune, but has become overplayed and repetitive since its release.

8. “My Little Love”

This song is very sentimental and intimate, but still keeps listeners engaged.

7. “All Night Parking Interlude” (with Erroll Gerner)

The classical piano mixed with the background beats make this song extremely fun to listen to.

6. “Cry Your Heart Out”

Upbeat and fun, this song is catchy and placed in the perfect spot on the album, immediately following a very intimate moment on “My Little Love.”

5. “Hold On”

This song perfectly demonstrates the extent to which Adele is a musical powerhouse.

4. “Can I Get It”

This has all the elements of hip hop music without hip hop style lyrics.

3. “Oh My God”

If you looked up “banger” in the dictionary, you’d see this song.

2. “I Drink Wine”

These lyrics are so relatable that it hurts.

1. “Love Is A Game”

Arguably one of the most beautiful songs in the world; I would do absolutely anything to hear this performed live.

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