“SNL” - Season 48, Episode 3 Review

Story posted October 18, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Sophia D’Ovidio

This past Saturday, “Saturday Night Live” became Stallion Night Live as the hot girl coach herself, Megan Thee Stallion was both the host and musical guest.

The third episode of the 48th season let Megan’s personality shine while highlighting many female cast members.

The female cast members of “SNL’s” last era were often the show’s saving grace, from Kate McKinnon to Aidy Bryant.

With Cecily Strong not returning until the next episode, the female cast of “SNL” got to show up big time and made for an entertaining watch.

“SNL” had its first genuinely political cold open this week, focusing on the January 6 final hearing.

Despite going back to an honest political satire as a cold open, the sketch still felt fresh when compared to the past few years' take on the headlines. Most likely due to the chaotic pairing of Chloe Fineman’s Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Sherman’s Chuck Schumer.

Megan did a great job with double duty. Hosts without a background in comedy or acting deserve more credit when doing “SNL.”

While there were moments where it was clear Megan wasn’t a professional, her energy was responsible for keeping the show entertaining at its low points.

Often when “SNL” has a host who isn’t a comic/actor, they frame many sketches around the host's strengths.

This was evident in the “Hot Girl Hospital,” where Megan, Ego Nwodim and Punkie Johnson are staff at a hospital to help people get hot. Being a hot girl is a huge part of Megan's brand, and this sketch was an amusing play on Megan's personality and charisma.

It was surprising to see the pre-recorded musical sketch not include Megan’s musical talents to the extent that “SNL” has been known to do in the past.

However, “We Got Brought” was still a fun, relatable watch and managed to be somewhat catchy as well.

In a bit of an inverse from the first two episodes this season, the first third of the episode was significantly weaker than the later moments.

The lowest point came with the sketch “Deer,” which was still entertaining due to Megan breaking character while trying to speak to Keenan Thompson’s character.

However, it was followed with one of the night’s best sketches coming from, of course, Please Don’t Destroy.

The trio discussed their self-care practices that became more and more destructive each time. It was classic PDD, but the trio of writers have the potential to help “SNL” reach the younger generations that have eluded them thus far.

The quick cuts and layered jokes that demand a rewatch helped elevate the episode's energy into an excellent performance by Megan of her song “Anxiety” and eventually “Weekend Update.”

Colin Jost and Michael Che were their consistent selves, and the season tradition of giving a new cast member a feature at the fake news desk was continued with Devon Walker.

Walker spoke about moving to New York City and looking like a catcaller. He was incredibly charming and has already seemed to adjust well to “SNL” from the previous two episodes.

It has been interesting to watch the new cast members with stand-up backgrounds get their start on the sketch show; even with some getting less time than others, the smaller cast has aided the rookie's introduction to audiences at home.

One of the night's best moments was from Heidi Gardner and Fineman as Debbie Hole and Stacey Bussy, two conservative moms concerned about “Hocus Pocus 2.”

The two played off each other and Che incredibly well. From Fineman getting possessed by a demon mid-feature to Che cracking up every time he had to say the characters' last names, the audience had just as much fun as the cast did with this feature.

The duo of Fineman and Gardner struck again with the sketch “Workout Class,” which Megan was teaching for those who want a bigger butt.

For those who want a flat butt, Fineman and Gardner demonstrated those exercises on the side. This duo clearly had great chemistry and was so lively that it was impossible not to crack up at them.

The “Classroom” sketch was another solid sketch with Nwodim cementing herself as one of the cast’s most prominent performers, as this was the third sketch of the night she led.

Substitute teacher sketches are nothing new to “SNL” or sketch comedy, but this one was creative, and Nwodium shined.

Seeing less familiar faces on legitimate air time like Johnson and Walker was excellent, and both did a killer job.

However, last Saturday answered some pretty big questions about what female cast members would step up in the absence of Strong and McKinnon and Bryant's departure.

It’s refreshing to watch “SNL” have fun with its host and work with the host's personality while still allowing its cast to shine.

There were points in the episode where it felt like Megan was underutilized, especially her musical ability.

However, “SNL” will have double-duty hosts back-to-back for the first time in the show's history. Jack Harlow will be the host and musical guest of the Halloween episode on Oct. 29th.

Can “SNL” capitalize on getting a significant moment from the charismatic and trendy rapper, or will it just put together another respectable episode with missed opportunities?

Best Sketch of the Night: “Please Don’t Destroy- Wellness”
Worst Sketch of the Night: “Deer”
MVP: Ego Nwodim
Unsung Hero(s): Chloe Fineman & Hedi Gardner
A Wish for the Next Episode: A Please Don’t Destroy sketch featuring Jack Harlow

Rating: 4/5 

Sophia D’Ovidio is a second-year majoring in communications. To contact her, email sgd5184@psu.edu.