“The Bad Batch” Season 2, Episode 6: “Tribe” Review

Story posted February 6, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Adrianna Gallucci

“The Bad Batch” is almost halfway through season 2 with the release of episode 6, “Tribe.”

The Batch is making some sort of deal with droids, but when Omega wanders off, she notices droids zapping a Wookie.

Omega helps him out, but the Wookie whips out a lightsaber and reveals himself as the fan-favorite Gungi from “The Clone Wars.”

Omega convinces the Batch to drop the deal and save Gungi, bringing him on board the ship.

The Batch agrees to take Gungi back to his homeworld of Kashyyyk, but when they get there, they find out that Trandoshan pirates burned the village in the name of the Empire.

The morning after, the Batch and Gungi find some surviving Wookies in a hideout. The leader, Yanna, accepts help getting the Empire off the planet from the Batch at the discretion of Echo.

Before they leave, the Wookies bow down to the trees and ask for their help before fighting.

The Batch and the Wookies are able to successfully get rid of the Imperial presence on the planet.

Before they leave, Gungi teaches Omega how to pray to the trees. When Hunter asks Yanna about this, she says that the trees weep when young ones leave but sing when they return.

The episode ends with Hunter expressing how he wishes Omega didn’t have to get involved in a war she has no part in and how she doesn’t really get to be a kid, a nod to what Echo said in the first episode of the season.

When. Will. The. Bad. Batch. Go. On. Arcs. That. Actually. Matter?

Not saying that there wasn’t something to take away from this episode. It was nice to see a refreshing face from “The Clone Wars” from such an important and pivotal arc from that series.

Hunter brought up a really important point at the end that Omega is only a kid and doesn’t deserve to be fighting in a war, a nod to her curiosity at everything since she got out of Kamino.

However, with this series almost at the halfway point, it feels like there have been more filler episodes than actual adventures.

The last three episodes have been the Bad Batch going on silly little adventures that have something to do with a side character that’s never touched on again in the series.
When will it end?

Crosshair and Cody, a character who hasn’t been heard from since the end of episode three, showed up four episodes ago. Cody went MIA suddenly at the end of the episode, to Crosshair’s shock.

Where’s the Cody update? How is Crosshair doing?

Why can’t we address the other main characters and their reactions to the changing world around them?

Until “The Bad Batch” gives viewers more than a fun little adventure with side characters, the show won’t be getting a high rating here.

Rating: 2.5/5

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