The Dark Night White Light Exhibit Generates Inquizitive Onlookers in the Hub-Robeson Galleries

Story posted October 11, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Kirsten Kizis

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Hub-Robeson center was hosting an exhibit by artist Sean Capone throughout the week.

The exhibit titled Dark Night White Light showcases several of Capone’s uniquely diverse works of animation and digital 3D graphics. The display’s distinctiveness has drawn in an abundance of curious critiques.

Lamissa Hamouda, a second-year art and media student, was working as a part-time gallery assistant during Saturday’s showing. This role has given Hamouda an in depth look at the Artificial intelligence that is so prominent in Capone’s pieces.

“It's just so confusing because some of them act like trolls,'' Hamouda said. “Then there’s nice aspects where it's peaceful. It kind of makes you wonder about the sitting behind the exhibit.”

Capone has specialized in animation works for over 20 years and has certainly made his mark on several creative platforms. His infamous works can be found in music videos, magazines, video games, TV and the MoMa museum.

The Hub-Robeson center had the opportunity to display four of these pieces: MALE. Dictionary, Global Illuminations (Angelus Novus), Global Illuminations, (My generative adversary), and Holy Mountain.

Julie Ammon, a second-year digital art and media student and gallery assistant, says that it is beneficial to have questions about art.

“It's supposed to challenge people's thoughts,” Ammon said. “ good to expose yourself to that, even if you're not going to enjoy it. You need a little challenge in your life”

The Dark Night White Light exhibit can be found in the Hub-Robeson gallery throughout November 6. If interested in seeing these art works for yourself, it is encouraged to reach out to

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