The Worst Halloween Costumes

Story posted October 25, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Camila Rodríguez & Erell Williams

Halloween is the time of year to dress up as favorite characters or creatures, some that exist and some fictional. However, some costumes are far too overused and uninspired.

In this listicle, the Arts and Entertainment Department takes a brief look at some of the worst ideas for costumes.


Bunnies, cats, dogs and bears have all been seen as costumes at Halloween. Even though these are not the worst Halloween costume ideas, they are very much overused.

Halloween is a great occasion to dress up as something fun and creative, but sometimes coming up with an original outfit is difficult.  Most end up throwing on a pair of ears and whiskers to call it a day, but it does not end up being the most exciting costume.

Halloween costumes are not cheap either. Despite this, there are better ways to DIY a more unique costume. Instead of using the same pair of cat ears, try spicing it up with cool face paint.

Another option is to dress up with some friends and create a cool look. Halloween costumes sometimes feel like a burden, but it’s a great opportunity to dress up and show creativity. - Camila Rodríguez

Salt and Pepper

There are many terrible couple costumes out there, but nothing beats the infamous salt and pepper partnership. Unless this pairing is referring to the 90s hip-hop duo, this costume needs to be tossed over the shoulder and out the window for good luck.

The salt and pepper costume is a concept to be feared as witnesses will know that there was creative intent and this was still the best idea the group could come up with.

Often proposed as a cheap backup option, this idea is rarely executed well. A black or white shirt with Arial font letters ironed on in the morning lacks a certain degree of care. Only to get worse with additions like a grey hat or the unacceptable usage of a metal kitchen strainer.

There really isn’t a way to improve this team.

Instead of going for a couple’s outfit at all, maybe it’s best to just separate the costumes this year and aim for different schemes. - Erell Williams

Zentai Suits

Unlike superhero full bodysuits, like Catwoman, Spiderman or Deadpool - Zentai suits have little to no purpose and are an abomination of costume history. Not only are these suits worn plainly as the whole costume, but they aren’t usually in reference to anything.

Wearing these spandex suits alone is a heinous act and has no place in the joy of the spooky season. Even when these suits are developed with alien faces or paired with tutus, they fall short in comparison to other costumes. No creativity can be found behind the decision to step out on Halloween night with one of these suits on.

Unfortunately, things can get worse as there are also inflatable versions of these costumes. Now the costume can take up space at home and look horrendous all at the same time.

While zentai suits originally had a feeling of humor behind them, the novelty has worn off and the joke is over. Hopefully this year people will start settling for regular superhero bodysuits. - Erell Williams

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