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Steven Zozzaro

Senior / Visual Communications Journalism

Steven was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in the mall capital of the United States, Paramus, New Jersey. He attends Penn State University, where he is majoring in visual communications journalism and minoring in psychology, and is set to graduate in the Spring of 2012. New York City acts as a second home for Steven, and he can never stay away from it for too long. With an artistic mind, Steven cannot go for more than a week without letting his creative juices go wild. He is an active user of Adobe Photoshop and is always working on a variety of photo editing projects. He is fascinated by marketing concepts companies use to promote themselves and is a sucker for buying a new product after seeing a quality commercial. Steven enjoys nothing more than going for a drive in the late spring with the windows down and the music blasting; it is one of his favorite methods for clearing his head. While many view driving as a chore, Steven will always be the first to volunteer, as he can never spend enough time behind the wheel.

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