A Couple’s Story

Video posted May 7, 2014 in News by Darius Donelson


Nicole Donelson and Crystal Johnson have each had their struggles, but despite everything they went through and continue to go through they remain happy. The couple is recently coming off of their one-year anniversary and is looking to graduate together in May. Their summer plans are to live in State College then move to a big city and start their careers.

Nikki and Crystal’s relationship has been battle tested time and time again by their family and friends. Nikki’s family had a difficult time dealing with the change from women’s clothes to men’s. Crystal’s family is very religious and wants her to change. However, the girls are happy in their relationship. Crystal does not think the fact that she is lesbian changes anything.

Overall, as long as the girls are happy, that should be all that matters whether it’s with a guy or girl or whatever, said Crystal.