Born Creative

Photo/Story posted December 11, 2014 in News by Thomas Simmons


The Chi Chapter of the Alpha Phi Delta fraternity re-founded at Penn State under new president Rob Reinhart. In their first year of a new beginning, the fraternity works to create a new philanthropy. Born Creative is the product of that effort.

Rooted in the idea of a class assignment, Born Creative fulfills the double faceted goal of carrying out a message to be more creative while also raising art and school supplies for underprivileged children in the Centre County region.

The philanthropy, now in the final stages of IFC approval, combines an effort to organize a supply drive amongst the Greek Organizations of Penn State, with the trendiness of a movement to convince random strangers to draw a picture form crayons in five minutes. The illustrations created will not only serve to raise awareness of the philanthropy, but also to inspire the children who will receive them (paired with school supplies) to be more creative each day.