Faith inspires student’s music

Story posted February 28, 2013 in News by Sarah Peters

Penn State student Megan Bogus is a gutsy musician whose passion for music is motivated by her faith.

When Bogus isn't leading worship for Penn State's Alliance Christian Fellowship, she's performing at Thursday night gigs at Otto's Pub and Brewery. But Bogus said no matter where she's performing or what she's singing about, her music has one purpose: to glorify God. Bogus said she tries to make her eclectic music as relatable as possible. She explores faith, doubt and trust, which she has navigated in her own Christian walk, she said.

Last summer, Bogus was expecting to go on a mission trip to Gabon. The only man who could process the missionaries' visas left the country suddenly, and no one knew when or if he was coming back - forcing a last minute change in plans. Hours before their expected departure, the trip re-routed to Chile. The group worked at a transitional home there.

Bogus is taking this semester off from taking classes, because she returned to Chile in April to learn how to run the transitional home she worked at this summer. Her ultimate goal is to start a similar home in Centre County for girls who have aged out of the foster care system.

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