Gino’s walk home

Story/Video posted December 23, 2011 in News by Tom Ruane


With no family in the area, Eugene Coover finds ways to keep his time filled.

During the day he can be found in the HUB-Robinson Student Center as a greeter, cleaner and employee. On his way home from that job, he takes the extra rolls and old apples, which would be disposed of otherwise, along with peanuts and feeds the squirrels, rabbits, ducks and any other critter in the Old Main area that may be hungry.

Eugene, or Gino as he is better known, has been noticed and rewarded as a town recycler for going out of his way when he can to clean up his local apartment as well as the downtown area. He has actually been given awards for his recycling deeds.

After feeding the animals, Gino will stop by Sharkies where he has been going almost every day since it’s opening roughly 20 years ago.

Although Gino may not always be out with a crowd, he is known by the students and community members either by seeing him or hearing about him. He plans to continue his daily plan for as long as he can bring a bit of happiness to the people he sees and keep the planet a little bit greener.