Graphic Design Event

Story posted October 9, 2018 in CommRadio, News by Alexandra Palacios

Saturday, 19 graphic design students showcased their work in the Thomas Building after completing internships over the duration of the summer of 2018 in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boulder, Colorado. Senior graphic design student, Alexis Stern was honored to work for the company she interned with this summer.

“I interned at Chandelier Creative, it’s a creative agency in New York City and may have a bunch of clients they do a lot of branding for fashion campaigns, they do a lot of branding for restaurants. They are really cool they have a wide variety of clients and I had so much fun working there it was the most relaxed and fun environment. I got to work hard and now I have some  projects to show because of it.”

The graphic design class dedicated their show to the number 19 for the number of students in their class, the number of internships completed among them, and the year they will graduate, 2019. Senior graphic design major, Colleen Wade interned in Brooklyn, New York with two other women for a small company called Dearest Creative and continues to work as a freelancer for them.

“Basically we are required to get an internship in the graphic design program and about 10 years ago or so, the students were loving the fact that they did their internships and wanted to share it with everyone and so we decided to start making videos and eventually it grew and grew because more people wanted to intend, and eventually it became more and more directed toward the audience. We wanted to make it a better experience for the audience not just like an internship show.”

The hour-long public showcase included video, graphics, and branding content the students created for multiple different clients as well as t-shirts to buy at the door. The event was followed by a reception in the Borland Building for friends, family, and the public.


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