Inside the Groove Room: An 18-hour music writing marathon

Story posted May 5, 2017 in News by Bridget Pfirman

Two student musicians bonded over a common idea, then made this dream a reality on April 22 when they staged The Groove Room.

Sam Lapp, the keyboard player for Doppler Poppins and his friend, guitarist Andrew Abraham, came up with the idea for an 18-hour music writing marathon where musicians would jam together and write songs in hopes of making an EP by the end of the process.

"We talked about a collaborative music event where you spend multiple hours to create an album or EP ... thought it was a good idea and decided to do it that night," said Andrew Abraham. 

Andrew said he had tested this out before with him and his friend in his dorm room and it went really well.

"In six hours we got through almost a third of song so I figure in 18 hours we can at least get through a whole song," he said. 

Eric Ian Farmer, songwriter, and Sam Lapp, keyboard player for Doppler Poppins jam together in The Groove Room event at Happy Valley Launchbox. Photo by Bridget Pfirman

There were a variety of musicians at this jam session including singer/songwriters, guitarists, bassists and other student musicians.

Chris Donelan, the president of guitar club, said that he enjoyed working with new musicians because of the ability to "create something you've never heard before."

The experience allowed musicians to jam with each other and test out different rhythms and sounds to figure out what would work for their songs.

Together the project produced about two songs total and they are working to be remixed and remastered.

Sam Lapp and Andrew Abraham said they want to continue promoting events like this in the future and hope that they will grow interest in the community.

All tracks will be available on the free music streaming website BandCamp at a later date that is to be determined.