It’s Not What I Do, It’s Who I Am

Story/Video posted December 4, 2017 in News by Lexi Lehman


Christina Fahey, a neuroscience student at the University of Maryland, is the type of girl who rather mess around with her Traktor DJ kit and dance all night at home than try to meet new people out at the bars like most UMD students.

Fahey has always been like this.

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On the surface, Fahey comes off as quiet and introverted, which made people label her as “goofy” and “weird”, but underneath she had a strong passion for music and expression that made her shine bright like the LED lights she loves to dance to.

After attending multiple music festivals along the east coast, Fahey discovered Hooping in November 2015, a dance group that focuses on finding inner peace, joy and making new friends through rhythmic hula hooping.

Although Fahey was initially intimidated due to her quiet persona, she quickly started purchasing hoops and practicing tricks in her garage in her free time.

From there, practice truly made perfect.

She says her favorite tricks are chest rolls and isolations. Isolations are an illusion where it looks like the hoop is moving while in the same place.

Fahey currently owns over 20 hoops. She typically likes to dance to EDM music, which stands for electronic dance music.

Hooping has helped Fahey find a new sense of confidence by allowing her to escape her thoughts and insecurities through the uplifting and positive community.

Video: Hooping Isn't Just For Kids

Although she only started hooping two years ago, Fahey says that she feels she has come a long way.

"I feel a lot more confident in crowds than I did before I started hooping. It gives me a place in the crowd and something to really wow people with," Fahey says.

She hopes to continue to learn new tricks and meet others like her in the years to come. In order to track her hooping journey, she has created a separate account on Instagram so she can share her growth while being inspired by other hoopers.