John Fetterman’s Recreational Marijuana Legalization Listening Tour Hits State College.

Story posted April 21, 2019 in CommRadio, News by Imogen Corker

Students had the opportunity to voice their opinions regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in Alumni Hall on Tuesday evening. John Fetterman’s listening tour hit State College as a part of his travels to all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

People from all walks of life had the chance to voice their opinion on the topic stating both personal testimonies and experiences with the drug and its legalization.

Danielle Wegner, a registered nurse, said her patients get significant help from marijuana in managing pain and appetite.

"Very recently we’ve started to actually see the medical marijuana use coming into our hospital and I can tell you that in its use we have seen patients have significant help and relief of symptoms as a result of using it.”

Angel Rodriguez, owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in downtown State College, said the shift to legalization of recreational marijuana would improve centre counties economy and provide hundreds of jobs.

“The economics of recreational alone will be enormous, because our schools will be able to be funded, our low income will not be low income anymore, we will be able to assist them and bring them into a middle class community. We will be able to assist other drug addictions and open up more programs for other people.”

The listening ended with an audience vote. An overwhelming majority supported the move to recreational legalization. Fetterman’s next stops include Fulton county on April 17 and Clarion county on April 18.



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