Jonathan’s passion and career

Photo/Video posted December 16, 2013 in News by Shurong Liu


Jonathan Hsieh is a graduate from PSU and now supports himself working as a freelance photographer. Sometimes jobs just come one after one, and other times, he does not get any work for a couple of weeks.

One of his jobs is to work as a photographer at a nightclub called Levels in downtown State College. While it doesn't pay very well, he is able to get additional work from the photos published on the website and social media page of the club.



Even though he can't afford the best equipment, he thinks that gear is not the deal-breaker for taking good pictures. The passion and heart that he puts into the project is important.


Jonathan said that the most important thing as a freelancer is to be motivated financially responsible. Communication skills are also essential. He said that not every environment is good for a photograph but it is the photographer’s job to make the miracle happen.


Jonathan’s passion comes from his father who loves photography, but Jonathan took it to the next step and maked it his career. It was hard for him to tell his parents that he wanted to pursue photography, but after some discussion, his parents finally agreed to allow him to be a photographer.