Kids Talent Show Rocks THON Crowd

posted February 19, 2019 in CommRadio, News, THON 2019 by Leeann Stapleton

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - During THON, The Kids Talent Show is a time for the Four Diamond children to perform and show off their talents for all in attendance.

This year there were performances musical and instrumental acts to performances featuring jokes and dancing.

Jackson Brennan performed Uptown Funk on the saxophone in dedication to his sister. Caleb Deckman rocked out on the drum kit, with his father on electric guitar, covering of “Livin’ On A Prayer,” “Sweet Caroline” and more.  Carly Wilfong showed off her dance skill to a song by One Direction.

Ellie Manca, standing with women’s club soccer, enjoyed watching all the kids have a blast on stage.

“The talent show was great it was so nice to see the kids get on the stage and forget about the things they’ve been through and then to hear the crowd respond to them so warmly and energetically was awesome,” Manca said.

The kids brought laughter and fun with comedy and sick dance moves. Kelly Dougherty, who was also standing with women’s club soccer, thought it was nice that the kids’ organizations supported them during the show.

“We were really excited to see all the kids on the stage for the talent show. A lot of the kids were super cute and it was really nice that all of dancers whose orgs they were representing were standing by supporting them,” Dougherty said.

She is also reminded of why THON is so important and why people attend, dance and give so much support and effort.
“It was a good reminder especially half way through why we’re dancing here why we’re feeling the pain and feeling tired,” Dougherty said.

The Kids’ Talent Show at THON gives the children of Four Diamonds the opportunity to perform doing something that makes them happy in front of the people that support them and love them unconditionally. 



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