Master Sushi Chef Matsui

Video posted April 4, 2016 in News by Nick Weiss and Grace McCallus


Masaya Matsui is a classically trained sushi chef who is showcasing his talent at Penn State. He is a sushi master, and teaches sushi classes at Penn State, but pursuing the culinary arts in New York City was only part of his interest. Matsui also wanted to become a movie star, and spent 10 years practicing both of his crafts.

“I just like, uh, share with people, American, or who ever, who doesn’t know much about it so I really enjoying sharing my culture,” Matsui said.

As for what type of work he had to do this year, he said, “I didn’t do anything, that’s the way it goes. Besides, washing pots in the sink, then also cooking rice, because they didn’t use any rice cooker, so you have to know how to cook the rice.”

“So we learned how to clean the fish, and filet the fish, and that’s all we did in the first year. Then second year, start cooking, you know... It was more like art,” Matsui said. 

Video reporting by Nick Weiss, editing done by Grace McCallus.