Nicholas Jao: Faith in Dancing

Video posted December 8, 2016 in News by Leif Greiss


Nicholas Jao, a graduate student in computer science and electrical engineering, who goes by the name Nasty Nico(TINE) when he’s b-boying, has been breakdancing since he was freshman.

Jao says he’s only ever been interested in breakdancing, power moves in particular. He said that when he first joined R.A.M. Squad, a lot of the established members didn’t have a lot of respect for him or the kind dancing he wanted to pursue as a beginner. 

Jao said people in R.A.M. Squad weren’t as accepting as they are now, but that the “old heads” eventually came around. He said that when he started college he also did MMA as well as dancing, but dancing is what has stuck with him. 

Jao said for him, dancing isn’t just a form of expression it's part of what he believes God put him here to do.