Penn State Hosts 100th Homecoming Parade

Story posted October 8, 2019 in CommRadio, News by Kristin Gjelaj

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - On Friday evening, thousands of Penn State students, families and alumni traveled to State College to celebrate the student-run 100th annual homecoming parade.

Penn State spirit was at an all-time high this past Friday, as local businesses helped sponsor the event, students showcased their months of preparation, and alumni experienced the bliss of student life once again.

Penn State reflects a culture that never graduates, as many alumni actively engage in various associations to help fund and better student life.

Charlene Gaus, the regional director for volunteer services and a 13-year member of the Penn State Alumni Association, stated her excitement on seeing alumni show up for the parade.

“Just all the alumni coming back, I love seeing them,” Gaus said. “They’re so excited. They wanna come back.”

Gaus also mentioned the collaborative nature of the event that brings together the alumni association and various homecoming committees.

“The alumni association is a big part of homecoming,” Gaus said. “We do a lot of things together, so we coordinate all of the logistics.”

Cate Ryan, the student captain in charge of the friends and family tent, gave insight on the importance of the tent for the parade.

“The friends and family tent is a VIP viewing tent for invited guests of the alumni association,” Ryan said. “All of the parents and siblings, guests of the directors of homecoming and the entire royalty court are invited.”

The tent stood outside the gate at South Allen Street, the same street that hosted the Allen Street Jam.

This year’s homecoming parade was a success for spectators, alumni and Penn State members. Preparation for next year’s event and committee member applications will be beginning soon.


Kristin Gjelaj is a junior majoring in journalism and Spanish. To contact her, email