Penn State student talks about his radio show ‘The Drive at Five’

Video posted April 24, 2012 in CommRadio, News by Matt Gurnari


“Welcome to 'The Drive at Five' and thank you for tuning in. I’m Allen, along with Deli-fresh, Berman and Porter.”

Penn State student Delvonne McCullum, a senior broadcast major, started working for his ComRadio show when his friend David Lam graduated this past December. Delvonne took over with fellow student Allen Vickers, also a senior majoring in broadcast journalism, at “The Drive at Five,” formerly known as, “The Lam and Vick Show.”

“Working with ComRadio has been a terrific experience,” said McCullum. He said that he went to the last three shows of “The Lam and Vick shows” last semester, attending the show to watch for two weeks. During the last show, he participated on air and he was asked to take over the show with Vickers.

Side bar refernce photo“I had a blast doing it,” said McCullum. “As a comm major, I saw this as a great opportunity for me.”

“The Drive at Five” airs on ComRadio every Thursday from 5 to 5:50 p.m. The show is supposed to be just a sports show, but since everybody in ComRadio has a sports show, he said, they decided to include other things besides sports.

“On our show we talk about politics, national news, U.S. news and international news in the world today,” said McCullum.

“We have had some fans call in to talk on our show; even our relative’s called in. David Lam had also called the show a couple times,” said McCullum. They also have a Facebook page they use to promote the show and interact with fans.

“We like to hear from the fans because that way we know that we are doing our job right and if the fans are happy then we are happy,” said McCullum.

“I do plan on doing radio for the rest of my life, radio or television. My future plans are to start off small, get my own little radio show, maybe even intern a few places before I can actually get my own show,” said McCullum. His overall goal is to be on a very popular show, nothing locally, preferably making it to national news, but he said he knows he has to start small.

"Whatever steps I need to take to get to that level to get nationally known I will take those steps. I want to be on my own show, have my own reality show or have my own television talk show,”said McCullum.

“After going to a couple of the Lam and Vick shows, I had a blast doing it. I did it by volunteering, as a communications major, anytime I could get on the radio, I just saw it was a big opportunity for me. I love it now. It has been my first semester without Dave, the person who gave me my start in ComRadio."

On the air

Penn State students Delvonne McCullum and Allen Vickers talk on their radio show. The show airs on ComRadio Thursdays 5 to 5:50 p.m.