Penn State Students Making Most Of Snowfall

Story posted January 21, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Katie Knol

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa — On Sunday, 6.5 inches of snow fell on the campus of Penn State, and students got creative in how to spend the first snow day of the winter season. Just walking around campus, you can find snow angels, snowmen and periodic snowball fights taking place.

Students have even been taking things like trash can lids or move-in carts to go sledding on the many hills around campus.

The most popular of these activities was a snowball fight that took place on the HUB lawn.

Second-year Ryan Mueller had a great time with friends participating in winter activities.

“I played in the snow – had a snowball fight with my roommate,” Mueller said.

Second-year Elise Drager had a more negative experience in the harsh weather, saying that despite the good start to her night, she ended up having to help one of her friends get to the hospital for a bad fall.

“I went out with my friends – this sounds so sad – I went out with my friends, and we were going when it was snowing, and one of my friends was walking home. She slipped and fell and actually ended up breaking her ankle, so we ended up taking her to the hospital. It was fun until we got to that point, but she’s doing okay, so it’s all good,” Drager said.

The weather for the upcoming week is expected to remain below freezing temperatures, so the snow will likely stick around for a few more days before melting.

As everyone enjoys the snow, make sure to dress warm and watch out for patches of ice.

Katie Knol is a second-year majoring in Journalism and Political Science with a minor in History. To contact her, email her at