School of Rock Dropout

Story posted October 19, 2015 in News by Kyle Rosenthal

Dylan Livers’ musical journey began when her parents signed her up for piano and drums lessons as a young girl. But Livers says she found both instruments to be monotonous and uninteresting. She wanted to learn how to play a “cool” instrument. When she was 8 years old, Livers discovered the guitar. However, she only lasted a few lessons before quitting due to her teacher’s uninspiring song selections. At age 11, her longing to play guitar drew her back in. She decided to teach herself using guitar tutorials on YouTube.

After years of practice, Livers is now able to play just about any popular song she hears on the radio. The now Penn State sophomore looks up lyrics, memorizes chords and is ready to rock. Once she learns a new song, Livers says she loves to strum away as her friends sing along.