Surprise an NFL Player who’s Vegan

Video posted May 2, 2016 in Sports by Nicole Joscelyn


David Carter is best known for his career as defensive end NFL player where he played for the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Chicago Bears.  Being a professional football player and growing up in a family that owned a butcher shop, meat was always a big part of David’s diet.  However while David played he suffered from high blood pressure, tendinitis, early onset arthritis, nerve damage on his hand and arm were he would get shooting pains or numbness.  These problems only made it harder for him to play and practice. Doctors would just prescribe David medicine to the point that he was on multiple different medications by the age of 25, that nobody should be on that young. 

It was after some talk with his wife, who is also a vegan, and watching vegan documentaries that David decided he needed to make a change.  And that change was to become vegan, as it would be the best thing for his health.  David decided to tell his wife about the exciting news on Valentine’s Day, where she claimed it was the best Valentine’s Day present she could ever receive.

It came as a surprise to many, including his teammates when David announced that he was going to be vegan.  However, David’s teammates were nothing but supportive of him on his transition to become vegan.  At first David said it was a common joke between him and other players that he would sneak his 32oz. Steak every now and then.  It was with time that David said he actually started to become bigger than some of his teammates he found that they were coming up to him for advice and asking how he is able to only eat vegan and have so much muscle mass. Not only was he in his best shape he had ever been in, but David’s health issues went away in only a month's time. 

Now, not only being a vegan but an animal activist David takes his story on the road where he shares his stories with students, and audiences all over the world.  David thinks that it is so important for people to realize what they are putting into their bodies and how it can affect them in the future.  He encourages many who attend his talks that they should be going vegan too.  He now goes by the name “The 300lb. Vegan.”