Survey Finds Most Penn State Students Aware of Sustainability Efforts

Story posted December 10, 2019 in CommRadio, News by Anna Meyer

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa-- After a student affairs sustainability PULSE survey was conducted, the results revealed that an average Penn State student is aware of the University efforts around sustainability.

Several students in the survey noted the various sustainability efforts from Penn State such as their recycling and compost programs.

The survey shows most students take into account the university’s efforts for sustainability. Freshman Khushalle Lnamdar says that some students, however, are not aware of the Penn State recycling systems and that they frequently discard trash into the wrong bin.

“I think there are some parts of Penn State that try to be sustainable, but I don’t think that it works all the time because I don’t think people are aware of it and we still mix up our trash,” Lnamdar said.

Even though there are different bins for recycling in Penn State buildings, such as the HUB, it is very common for students to get confused about what to put in each one so for convenience, they just throw it in the trash.

Freshman Cheryl Liiu says that if everyone was not as confused and paid more attention to the trash bins, the University could improve and achieve overall sustainability.

“I think that if everyone was conscious about the different types of bins and didn’t just throw what they had in the trash it would improve it because everyone is in on it,” Liiu said.

Penn State students can all help out with achieving sustainability for the University by recycling their trash and paying attention to the labeled bins to create an overall green community for students attending Penn State.



Anna Meyer is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. Email here at