Teacher turns her talents to home schooling

Video posted April 15, 2013 in News by Jenna Busik


Kim Hunt has been teaching piano lessons out of her home in Bucks County, Pa., for a decade. She started teaching music in middle school in Bucks County, and was head of the music department at a local school for 10 years. She also has experience with elementary and high school-age kids.

There are many instruments that Hunt can play including, but not limited to: banjo, violin, flute, accordion and drums. One instrument Hunt hasn’t yet perfected is the harp. She is currently taking lessons on a harp that she purchased, which sits next to the beautiful Steinway & Sons piano in her home.

Hunt is actively involved in her community. She is the head music director at her church, Point Pleasant Baptist. She conducts the choirs and bands, and leads performances throughout the year. She is integral in the fund-raising efforts for the music program at her church; without her, they wouldn’t be able to afford most of their instruments and materials. She said she finds that teaching music to others is relaxing. Teaching music at the church is a passion of hers; it is also a way that she can honor her spirituality.

When Hunt was very young, she expressed interest in the learning how to play the piano. So, her mother took her to and from Philadelphia, every week for piano lessons. As Hunt grew, she would eventually help out with local music festivals so that she could get more practice time. From the very beginning, Hunt knew that she was not learning music for the performance aspect, but rather, to teach.

Hunt attended Moravian College to earn a degree in business with a minor in music. Her father wanted her to go to school to study business, but Hunt knew that her one love was music. After her undergraduate studies, Hunt went to get her master’s degree in music education and continued to pursue her decades-long music career before she decided it was time for a life change.

Taking her passion for teaching and expanding it to her personal life, Hunt decided she would home school her son, Christopher. Home schooling a child has advantages and disadvantages. Hunt mentions that it’s difficult at times when your child doesn’t want to listen, but the rewards are endless. Instead of a regular school day, her son can go at this own pace. He can work ahead or take his time through each subject depending on his strengths and weaknesses. They often travel the east coast for educational purposes. Their favorite spots are the New Jersey shores for marine biology camps or Gettysburg, to learn about the Civil War. Hunt says that hands-on experiences, like these field trips, are the best way to learn about school subjects found in a textbook. Her son is excelling in all of his subjects and enjoys working with his mother, she said.

Between teaching music and teaching her child, Hunt has finally ended up where she wanted to be. She wishes that her son would express more of an interest in the piano, but she knows that pressuring him may turn him off all together. She realizes that he has a natural gift for music and she hopes that one day the music bug that bit her, may just bite him.

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