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Story posted November 8, 2016 in News, Election 2016 by Jesse Myers

Greg DeMetrick is used to high pressure situations; during his career he would go to Hudson Bay when it was negative forty degrees to test sound rockets and collect particle counts. He may sound like an unlikely suspect to get involved into politics, but after retiring from his engineering career at HBR and NASA, DeMetrick moved to State College and was at a loss to find a time-consuming hobby.

Five years ago, during President Obama’s first term, a friend asked him to aid the Democratic efforts in Ferguson Township and he happily obliged. Ever since then, DeMetrick says he has been heavily involved in dispersing information regarding candidates in all races, ranging from senators, congressmen and, of course, the Presidential Election. And this one means a lot for DeMetrick.

The moment he heard that Donald J. Trump was running, DeMetrick initially hopped on the Bernie Sanders’ bandwagon. He attended the Democratic Convention with his wife, who was a Sanders’ delegate during the primaries. After Sanders dropped the primary to Hilary, DeMetrick realized that Hilary usurped a large fraction of Sanders’ ideas, and the race was on.

During this election cycle, DeMetrick has been going around Centre County’s nine voting districts, campaigning and trying to get people to go to the polls on Election Day. He says that he has never seen a high voter turnout, and said he he is thankful that many young adults are getting out to vote in this election.

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