Tiny Miracles

Story/Video posted December 8, 2017 in News by Joey Logue


Located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania there is a piece of farmland owned by an Animal Rescue called Tiny Miracles. Owned and operated by Kim Rutherford and her family, Tiny Miracles looks to find neglected and unloved dogs a home.

VGhlIGZyb250IG9mZmljZSBvciAic2hlZCIgYXQgdGhlIFRpbnkgTWlyYWNsZXMgZG9nIHJlc2N1ZS4gThe front office or "shed" at the Tiny Miracles dog rescue.  (Photo by Joey Logue)

Founded in 2011, about an hour outside of Philadelphia Rutherford has made it her life passion to rescue these dogs and find them an owner that will love them as much as she does. Each one of these dogs is a tiny miracle, says Rutherford and it is impossible not to look into their eyes and fall in love.

Each dog at the rescue has it's own story. Some are puppies that the owner was overwhelmed and others were neglected by the owner and needed rescue.

One dog in particular named Waldo, has an interesting story. He was rescued from the Southern Alabama after he was shot in the back by his owner.