Unpopular Sovereignty

Video posted May 1, 2016 in News by Serena Carter


At this time in our lives we are still trying to find ourselves and what we want to do. Some of us take different directions such as college, going straight in to the workforce or even starting a business. There are so many young entrepreneurs emerging in today society and Farid Shabazz is one of them. A Washington DC native has high hopes for his sprouting brand Unpopular Sovereignty. He has hopes of using his brand to help promote creative minds, entrepreneurs and community leaders to be noticed. The whole purpose of starting this brand was to really shed light on the DC culture and all the talent that are often overlooked. Farid just plans on starting small by promoting and shedding light on these local artist and then potentially expanding by having discussion panels and having tours around DC mainly to the DC public school systems. His venture is also unify the artist and talent in DC. In DC most of the artist and talent are against each other instead of supporting each other.
Farid gained the inspiration to start his own brand from many of his friends in the DC area. They had the creative niche to start their own ventures. Those ventures are The Wealth League by Michael Carrwell and Rent Is Due, Apt 50 by Franklin Thompson.  Both of these brands started around the 2011-2012-time period. He has plans on collaborating with both of these brands in the near future as he continues to build his brand. The Wealth League and Rent Is Due have already established its reputation in the DC area.