Writing Rock Classics

Story posted March 14, 2016 in News by Chandni Mehta

 Jason Adam's says that when it comes to meeting the credentials of a rock classic, the song needs to be memorable, and not only resonate with the artist but with the audience as well. Adam's believes that no one understands it better than he does. 

Adam's works at The Music Mart in downtown State College, where he practices his guitar daily and writes his own "rock classics." Adam's says that by believing and verbalizing his songs as rock classics they'll one day become legendary. Working with other local performers, he plays small gigs downtown, featuring his own original work. Adam's says that he has a  nervous feeling during the start of a gig, but he says he fakes his confeidence which helps him throughout his preformance. Adam's says that the audience may not always love your work, but as long as you the artist love your piece that’s all that matters. He says that he can't restrict himself with a specific genre of music, although he prefers rock. Instead he says he writes many different types of songs, and genres, as to not limit himself musically. Adam's says he follows the ultimate belief that as an artist you should have the power to write whatever you please, and to only please yourself.