Abbott Elementary - Season 2, Episode 19 Review

Story posted March 25, 2023 in Arts & Entertainment by Grace Bowman.

This week's episode of Abbott Elementary is filled with plot points that are pivotal to the trajectory of the show. All while getting to see our favorite again - Tariq.

The show picks up immediately where episode 18 ended, with Barb, Melissa, Janine, Jacob and Gregory discussing the official notice of Abbott Elementary becoming Legendary School Presents: Abbott Charter.

While everyone panics about this charter transformation becoming urgent, Jacob panics about not knowing who Lee Daniels is (proving Jacob to be an official flop).

Sweet Janin comes to the rescue with a brilliant idea to create “Operation Save the School” and inform parents of the events taking place. Barb and Melissa love this idea, but reference back to the open house from the previous school year and the lack of parents that showed up.

The failure of parents to show up to open house shows that there will be failure to stop them at drop-off to inform them of the potential charter change. This really shows the lack of parental maturity, but we can’t get into that right now.

Ava is on her slay mentality and goes to interview for a job position with Legendary Charters. Honestly, viewers can’t be upset at this move from Ava. She truly understands the urgency and the situation and absolutely needs out of there.

Janine succeeds and gets one signature from a parent for the petition against Legendary Charter. Gregory excitingly insists on going with her after school to get more signatures and truly creates the cringiest scene in the whole episode.

The petition signing does not go well and the teachers meet in the library to discuss the situation. Jacob ends up yelling at Mr. Morton out of annoyance (it's most definitely because he has a little crush).

Two good ideas are created by the teachers: Mr.Johnson claiming he has ¾ of a treasure map and Barb saying Abbott should trick the parents into signing the petition. These ideas are equally as shocking, but Barb resorting to devilish trickery actions is meant for the history textbooks.

Janine (and Ava) come up with an idea to throw a fun festival open house for the parents and name it AVA Fest (A Very Abbott Festival).

The teachers begin setting up for this festival: practice the step performance, hanging up art pieces, creating the best version of mac & cheese and setting up a dunk tank for Jacob.

We get an iconic scene of Janine suggesting to Gregory that Tariq should come perform at AVA Fest to bring in more parents. Gregory adamantly declines this idea, which is honestly a slay from Gregory. Protect your girl from her toxic ex-boyfriend.

Ava already solved this idea of having a singer come to AVA Fest and invited Jazmine Sullivan. Before you get your hopes up, Ava was lying. Also, Jacob did not know who Jazmine Sullivan was (flop number two, he's struggling in this episode).

AVA Fest begins and parents are signing the petition in order to enter into the festival (that is being held in the school gym). We get this amazing moment of Mr. Morton throwing a tennis ball at Jacob in the dunk tank. Viewers should support Mr. Morton’s actions.

At AVA Fest, we get a horrifying scene of Amber talking to Gregory. The unwanted updates from this: Amber calls herself cute, Amber has a new boyfriend and Gregory does not look like he’s recovered from the relationship.

The parents start to figure out that Jazmine Sullivan is not showing up but luckily Gregory calls Tariq as the surprise guest. Everyone in the building was shocked, and I think every viewer should have their jaw on the floor from disgust and fear.

Tariq drops some disgusting and atrocious “bars,” we also find out he’s basically unemployed and broke. The parents somehow enjoy the show and start dancing? Weird vibes for a solid minute, a struggle to watch.

A crazy turn of events ensues and Draemond (from Legendary Schools) gets onto the stage. He starts making false claims that Abbott Elementary is holding the kids back and that their education would be brighter at Addington Elementary.

The parents are confused, but one parent (from Season 2, Episode 17) steps forwards and confronts Draemond about kicking her son out of school. Draemond claims that “a small few are encouraged to explore other educational opportunities” and this absolutely angers the crowd.

Draemond continues to dig his own grave and announces that some of the current students at Abbott Elementary might not be able to attend Addington Elementary. The parents “boo” Draemond off stage and Tariq comes back with the best quote all season - “This man is playing the Powerball with our kids!”

Overall, this episode was quite uneventful in regards to Gregory and Janine, but was extremely important towards the plot of Abbott vs. Legendary Charter. I would give this episode a ⅗, simply because of the slander towards Jacob and Draemond.

Rating: 3/5

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